This spring, I recorded a short video lecture on how to use blogs in teaching for the Virtual Book online course on E-Pedagogy for Teachers in Higher Education, which is produced by H¯gskolen in Bergen and planned and edited by Anne Karin Larsen and Grete Oline Hole. My short talk summarises the main advantages of blogging as a learner (or researcher!) and gives concrete suggestions on how to help support students as they move from writing for just themselves and their teacher towards writing in a network of other learners, using blogs.

Screenshot of video lecture on blogging and learning

There are some other interesting-looking video lectures on e-learning in the same course, along with a suggested curriculum and list of assignments, so that teachers wishing to use the same material can do so. It’s not specified on the website yet, but the editors are planning to submit the material to the Medea Awards, which will involve licencing it all as Creative Commons, non-commercial. But I don’t think that’s happened quite yet.

10 thoughts on “blogging as a tool for reflection and learning

  1. Torger ?ge Sinnes

    Great video. Kind of Apple-inspired maybe? ;)It’s a shame my “students” are 6-8 years old, but I’ll definitely bookmark your video for later use. I know some teachers up at Volda University/College who might put it to good use in lessons…

  2. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Apple-inspired? The talking head on white background you mean? I guess so – that was entirely the producers’ choice, I’m truly nothing but a talking head (and brain I guess) in that production. But I like the look 🙂

    6-8 year olds might be a little young, but ya never know!

  3. Laney Landry

    I love that your students are learning that what they have to say does matter to someone. Too often young people don’t realize their value as it relates to others. So you have taught them a skill and built self-esteem at the same time. What a wonderful gift that is. I also have to admit, you have helped me to understand blogging a bit more so that I will be able to enjoy it more myself.

  4. Alex Grimal

    jill/txt » blogging as a tool for reflection and learning

  5. Sandie Strickland

    jill/txt » blogging as a tool for reflection and learning

  6. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Thanks, Laney! That’s certainly my aim – though re-watching this I realise I don’t always achieve this or even set things up to really support it in my teaching. But when I’m able to do it, it works pretty well 🙂

  7. […] [blogging as a tool for reflection and learning] […]

  8. Post Position » Of Late

    […] Jill Walker Rettberg has a short and insightful video about blogging as a way of learning. […]

  9. Clare Peterson

    I am designing a student website around the paper you wrote with Torill Mortensen way back then in 2002, “Blogging Thoughts: Personal Publication as an online research tool”. I am a student of Media at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia and as part of my analysis of your statement “Weblogs are densely interlinked” I am now linking to your blog in a way of building my own root system interlinked with your research paper, my research blog , my RMIT blog and the growing linkages in between. So thanks for a great paper on Blogging and your research (including the video above) since then!

  10. […] Rettberg, J.W. (2009). Blogging as a Tool for Reflection and Learning. Retrieved from […]

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