blogging as a tool for reflection and learning

This spring, I recorded a short video lecture on how to use blogs in teaching for the Virtual Book online course on E-Pedagogy for Teachers in Higher Education, which is produced by H¯gskolen in Bergen and planned and edited by Anne Karin Larsen and Grete Oline Hole. My short talk summarises the main advantages of blogging as a learner (or researcher!) and gives concrete suggestions on how to help support students as they move from writing for just themselves and their teacher towards writing in a network of other learners, using blogs.

Screenshot of video lecture on blogging and learning

There are some other interesting-looking video lectures on e-learning in the same course, along with a suggested curriculum and list of assignments, so that teachers wishing to use the same material can do so. It’s not specified on the website yet, but the editors are planning to submit the material to the Medea Awards, which will involve licencing it all as Creative Commons, non-commercial. But I don’t think that’s happened quite yet.

28. September 2009 by Jill

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