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Australian Blogging Convention is same day as I leave Australia…

Oooh… on Friday I’m off to Australia for a month-long research stay, and I only just now find out (via Tama) about the Australian Blogging Convention, to be held on September 28 in Brisbane, a mere 4000 or so kilometres … Continue reading

29. August 2007 by Jill

I’m a “second generation immigrant”

In countries with a history of immigration – like the United States – you’re a citizen if you’re born in the country. Norway has a very short history of immigration. Thirty years ago, there were almost no immigrants – although … Continue reading

27. August 2007 by Jill

off to copenhagen

I’m off to Copenhagen tomorrow, for Anne Mette Thorhauge’s PhD defence. Her thesis is on communication between players in computer games, and she argues that the rules of the game are actually conventions agreed upon by the players rather than … Continue reading

23. August 2007 by Jill

analyses of company blogs

Mack Collier of The Viral Garden has been running a series called The Company Blog Checkup Series, where he analyses company blogs for flaws, perfections and what could be done better. They’re interesting reading, and I’m thinking they might make … Continue reading

21. August 2007 by Jill
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Les Basiques : la littÈrature numÈrique

Via Scott at GrandTextAuto, a French language introduction to electronic literature, by Philippe Bootz, that looks really good: Les Basiques : la littÈrature numÈrique. As Scott notes, it would make a nice companion to N. Katherine Haylesís Electronic Literature: What … Continue reading

21. August 2007 by Jill
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can you calculate the return on investment for social networks?

Frogloop (“Catalyzing Expertise in Non-Profit Online Communications”) think you can. They even offer a tool for calculating exactly how much return your ten hours a week in Facebook will give – assuming you’re a non-profit running a campaign solely intended … Continue reading

20. August 2007 by Jill

80% of web 2.0 is the implicitly contributed

Espen Andersen noted the new O’Reilly book Programming Collective Intelligence, by Toby Segaran, which looks really interesting. In an excellent blog post discussing the book, Tim O’Reilly writes about the importance of what users implicitly contribute to the web, rather … Continue reading

19. August 2007 by Jill
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lovink’s nihilist blogging

Amazon says it can’t deliver Geert Lovink’s book Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet Culture for weeks, but seeing the table of contents, I realised that of the two essays in it that are actually apparently about blogging, at least … Continue reading

17. August 2007 by Jill

Stuart Moulthrop is visiting Bergen

Stuart Moulthrop arrived in Bergen last night. Stuart has been in hypertext since before most of us knew what hypertext was, and he writes inspiring essays about hypertext theory and digital culture and makes wonderful creative works. One of my … Continue reading

16. August 2007 by Jill
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three recent academic books on blogging

There are so many books about blogging now that it’s easy to miss the interesting-looking ones. I just ordered these three that look like they contain academic discussions of blogs, culture and history. Thankfully none of them look like they’re … Continue reading

13. August 2007 by Jill

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