Oooh… on Friday I’m off to Australia for a month-long research stay, and I only just now find out (via Tama) about the Australian Blogging Convention, to be held on September 28 in Brisbane, a mere 4000 or so kilometres from the airport from which we’ll be leaving Australia on that very day… Too bad it’s too late to change those flights…

Can’t wait to get to Australia – just gotta get to all the last minute details… ‘scuse me while I pack.

2 thoughts on “Australian Blogging Convention is same day as I leave Australia…

  1. Toril

    Oh, what a lucky pig!!! Have a fabulous trip back to your Australia, Jill – I know you’ll love
    every minute of it 🙂 Also all my love to Scott and Aurora who may not have been there before. I have a feeling Aurora will have the time of her life! So enjoy, relax, and absorb the famous Australian hospitality!!

  2. SimoneM

    Hi Jill,
    Hope you have a great time in Oz! I’m from Perth in Western Australia – where every single thing is a mere 4000 or so kms away! I also recently stumbled upon info about the Blogging Convention and am trying to think of a way there. Exhausted all of the illegal options and now waiting for inspiration to hit in the form a ticket with my name on it suddenly appearing on my doorstep…

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