There are so many books about blogging now that it’s easy to miss the interesting-looking ones. I just ordered these three that look like they contain academic discussions of blogs, culture and history. Thankfully none of them look like they’re going to be like the book on blogging I’m busy writing. Phew, eh? Hope they arrive soon!

cover of Lovink's Zero Comments cover of Barlow's Rise of the Blogosphere cover of Keren's Blogosphere: the new political arena

2 thoughts on “three recent academic books on blogging

  1. Steven D. Krause

    I ordered Zero Comments too, but I just got a message from amazon telling me shipment has been delayed until mid-October. I have The Rise of the Blogosphere, which I’ve skimmed and which I’ll read more carefully next. The cover of that book Blogosphere kinda creeps me out…

  2. Margrethe

    Even though I’ve had a look around your blog, I found this entry through Google. Thanks for the tip!

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