screenshot of the preview thing described in this postOooh! Look!! Mouse-over a link. Any link! This one, for instance, or this one, or maybe this one. See!??? A picture of the website linked to popped up!!! Isn’t that just super-cool!

All you do to install it on your blog or website is INSERT a line of code from in your html. It’s free, or rather no money passes hands. Really it’s a barter: I (and you) get a cool effect, and gets to know all about how many people visit this site and which links you guys hover over and which links you click. D’you mind?

File this under super-cool new web toys that will either change the world or be quietly forgotten in a few weeks time. (discovered at Craig Bellamy’s blog)

6 thoughts on “¸ber-cool see-the-site-before-you-click-the-link effect

  1. Lisbeth Klastrup

    Great feature I think! However (as happens more and more often to me), the picture links work in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer….wonder if Im the only with that problem?

  2. Jill

    Oh. I hadn’t tried in Explorer – they don’t actually make it for the Mac anymore, so I just use Firefox and sometimes Safari. Hm. I suppose the links’ll work in any case, though, it’s just the extra snazzy thing that won’t.

  3. Hjorthen

    Maybe I’m just a grumpy old man, but I found the snap preview to be supercool for about two minutes, now it’s just damn irritating!

    Happy New Year though!

  4. Robert Nagle

    It’s a fascinating concept, but I’d like the ability to turn it off. It could get annoying very fast.

  5. ][mez][

    just wanted 2 bring 2 ur attn this wurk made with



    …all due 2 me discovering it via ur blog:)


  6. […] So as you might have noticed in the comments to the last post, Mez saw that annoying/¸ber-cool link-preview thing and made a poem with it. I love the speed of this easy technology and of people like Mez who just snap it up and run with it! […]

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