Tonight is the launch of Digitale fortellinger, where a dozen or so digital narratives have been selected and developed and are to be presented on, the public Norwegian broadcasting network’s website. I was on the jury this spring, and it’s really cool getting to see the first finished story, “Myggbase for Kalkutta og Finnmark” by Espen Sommer Eide og Nicholas Møllerhaug (aka Rural Readers).

Tomorrow morning another person with a foreign name and a perfect Norwegian accent (I wonder if he’s a dual citizen and whether he got to vote? Oh btw, the Labour/socialist coalition have a majority, though the scary “Progress party” got nearly one in four votes.) is interviewing me about the project and networked stories in general for Kulturbeitet. I’m supposed to be at NRK’s Bergen office at 8:50 am, and the interview’s at 9. They promised they’ll have me in a prepaid taxi and back at the university in heaps of time for my ten am meeting. I love the efficiency of live radio.

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