I’m trying to decide whether I’d want this or not: A Calendar with Common Sense. A calendar that knows, for instance, that if I’m in Chicago I won’t be able to go to a lecture in Bergen, or that if I schedule dinner for 3 am I probably made a mistake. See, I often add lectures in Bergen to my calendar even though I’m going to be elsewhere – putting an event into my calendar doesn’t mean I’m actually going to attend that event, it just means I really want to be aware of it. SensiCal seems to be meant mostly to correct the sort of mistakes you’d never make on paper – schedule dinner at 3 am without intending to? Only with a computer, darling. That would probably be rather convenient. I’m wary of “intelligent” suggestions (“It looks like you’re writing a letter”) that mess up my personal and idiosyncratic way of calendaring, though. (via my CiteULike feed, and no, it’s not a new paper, it’s from 2000, and no, I googled and I don’t think they developed it further.)

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