Anjo Anjewierden ran a script identifying words used uniquely (kind of, read the post to see what that means) in particular blogs. Which would you rather read:

Jill Walker: electronic literature, grant, hypertext, new media, wireless.

Danah Boyd: abuse, adult, battle, blog entry, blow, california, critique, dance, drink, earth, everyday life, fight, frame, frustration, gay, gender, hair, intention, joy, land, laugh, lesson, mail list, nytimes, pain, parent, phenomenon, population, pressure, privilege, production, refuse, responsibility, scream, smile, sms, status, stranger, super, tear, technologist, tendency, upset, violence, wake, yasns.

or perhaps

Alex Halavais: agent, assignment, association, authority, campus, candidate, citizen, communication technology, grad student, grade, graduate student, guest, journalism, nation, peer, period, porn, slashdot, terrorist, undergrad, undergraduate, venue, web page, wikipedia.

Such a dry list of words I use. Note to self: write more about tears, joy, strawberries, blood and laughter.

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