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  1. Marina

    Oh that’s a great idea! In Turin they do something similar for celebrating Christmas: insthead of lightening up the city with the usual christmas lights, they give the chance to artists to put artistic lights. And that’s the result: http://www.torinoartecontemporanea.it/luci-artista/
    Well…that’s in italian but you can look at the photos of the installations, which are wonderful.

  2. S¯ren Pold

    It actually took place on a Summer evening by the sea just outside Aarhus some years back, where it wasn’t really dark, but only dusk. A great evening with poetry readings by the water and this light stuff, that really looked great. It was a still night, and Pia Juul, another Danish poet, who are not especially romantic, read a poem by the water, where she read something about the waves rolling in. The water was totally still, but just after her reading this, a wave actually came in and made her feet wet. It was a wave from an express ferry coming in, so it was quite magical, and she and the audience with her were totally astonished, even though the situation was also kind of ironic and tacky. Great evening!

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