Inspired by Scott’s list, here’s where I’m planning on travelling this year.

  • MiT5, April 27-29, at MIT (Cambridge, MA). I’m on a panel with Scott and Nick.
  • ELO2007: The Future of Electronic Literature, May 3, MITH in Maryland. Personal Democracy Forum 2007 in New York. I’m on a panel about international electronic literature.
  • Personal Democracy Forum 2007, May 18, New York. Here I’ll just be learning – I think all the things about political blogs and other online pursuits will be useful for my book on blogging.
  • Digital Arts and Culture 2007, September 15-18, Perth, Australia. I’m presenting a full paper (I hope, I got through the first round of abstracts and I think the full paper I sumitted for the second round’s quite good), and I’m also spending the whole month of September in Perth, at Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia.

I think that’ll be plenty – am I missing anything important? I must say, though, I get conferenced out if I do too many conferences, and this looks like plenty, unless there’s something pretty close to home.

Oh, there’s also some recreational travelling I’m really looking forward to – a wedding (not ours) in Chicago, and a honeymoon (ours!) in Barcelona and that area of Spain. And yes, I’m carbon-neutralising all this…

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