I like my university. Not only do they have Studblogg, they’re running a competition for the best student-produced 20 second YouTube-ready video promoting the University. I think this is my favourite so far, although there are others that would probably, well, work better, or that at least are closer to standard advertising techniques. Um. Well. Who knows, maybe this’d work? Makes me sort of inspired thinking of my next class, anyway 😉

The slogan read at the end means “The University of Bergen. We’ll beat knowledge into your brain.” Which doesn’t quite translate, it’s an idiom, funnier in Norwegian.

3 thoughts on “beat that knowledge into their brains

  1. Stephanie

    What a great idea! And this type of contest helps the students really feel like they are a part of the university – or like they are coming to a very student centered uni. Very nice 🙂

  2. Skygge

    This ad is awesome… french university don’t have humour.
    Let me fleeeeeee…

  3. Svenn

    Nice video! Perhaps the method may be used in other parts of the university too?
    Bring your budget needs for 2008 to the next meeting with the director, and start hitting?

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