I am the superhero of .htaccess! I wrote an .htaccess file so that now when someone follows an old link to one of my old blogposts, they’re redirected to that exact same blogpost but at my new domain!!! I’m so awesome!

OK, so all I actually had to do is make a file in my main public_html directory called .htaccess containing the single line:

Redirect /~jill http://jilltxt.net

which is dead easy once you know it, but you know, you need to look up the .htaccess tutorial, and then regular editors won’t save stuff with just an extension and no filename, and so then you need to try and rename the file in the command line, and when that doesn’t work, you need to learn to use the command line text editor, which also turns out to be easy enough if you simply follow the rules, and then you need to figure out whether .htaccess wants the unix path name of the directory or the URL. But when all that’s done, well, YIPPPEEEE!

I know I still have to fix the layout for Explorer (sigh) and also I could update the template, but we’re just going to have to take this one step at a time.

10 thoughts on “when i figure something out i’m happy

  1. Oy

    Linken til engelsk bogoskop fungerte ikkje p Firefox. Men viss du
    fjernar alt uib.greiene framfor og set http://www.ms11.rundefamily.net/bogoscope
    s fungerer alt.

  2. Jason

    Jill – which version of IE? At work, with IE 6 on WinXP Pro, your paragraphs look fine – the only funky thing (which has always been the case) is your comment box wraps under your right column (so if anything is spelled wrong in this comment, it’s because I’m typing 1/3 blnd under a pink background).

    But your regular blogpost paragraphs look fine?

  3. Riccardo (Bru)

    you’re amazing 😀

  4. Jamie

    You rock!

    I will have to show this to my class about the WWW.

  5. achilleas

    The comment box wraps around the right column in Firefox/WXP as well. It also gives
    a slight horizontal scrolling margin.

    I am about to move my wordpress to another domain and i really wonder whether i’m
    gonna do it as fast as you did (i recon it took you less than a week).

  6. trond

    Jill, there’s something wrong about the RSS from your blog now. The RSS feed I’ve subscribed to from you page has changed to contain a lot of stuff that’s not on your page, as if it’s echoing one or more feeds that you are subscribing to yourself.

  7. Jill

    If you subscribed to the Feedburner feed it includes my public Flickr photos and links I post to del.icio.us as well as posts to my blog. You can subscribe to a plain RSS feed for just the blog instead if you like.

  8. trond

    OK, Thanks.

  9. Jill

    I should have made the redirect from my old URL a permanent redirect. It’s pretty easy, really. My .htaccess file said

    Redirect /~jill http://jilltxt.net

    Which simply sends traffic to the new site. Adding the number “301” lets browsers and search engines know that this is a permanent redirect and the site has moved for good. Google and so on respect this more than a plain old temporary redirect. So now my .htaccess says

    Redirect 301 /~jill http://jilltxt.net

    As for PageRank and such, it only took a couple of weeks to get back up to #2 on Google, but I still haven’t regained #1. My PageRank also seems to be 0, maybe because of the faulty redirect. Doesn’t really matter since people can find me anyway, but there was a kind of joy in being the top hit for “Jill” on the entire internet 🙂

  10. Jill

    Ugh. Internal server errors from this. Even putting it back the way it used to be doesn’t work. Sucks.

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