Screenshot from video showing transformation from ordinary un-madeup woman to billboard beauty
A swift video showing a woman’s transformation to divine billboard queen using makeup and Photoshop. I’m definitely showing this video to my daughter. (And yes, it’s for the Dove “real beauty” campaign, which I appreciate although I for some reason have never liked actually using Dove products. (After all my delving into the PayPerPost stuff I’m all super-anxious people will think I’m paid to advertise things or something. Yuck.) (via BoingBoing)

[Update: Of course, of course, this is also a viral campaign – but one that I like and that’s completely honest about its corporate origins.]

3 thoughts on “video of transformation from ordinary to billboard beauty

  1. diane

    that is something….so sad.

  2. JoseAngel

    huh… isn’t it an advertising for makeup and state of the art grooming, in fact?

  3. Jill

    Huh? Actually they’re selling soap, not beauty salon servies and photoshopping. No, it’s strength is that it reveals that the picture-perfect models we think we need to look as good as actually look just like us…

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