Ooh, only 12 more days on maternity leave, and then Scott takes over. I’m actually going to the MLA conference in San Francisco just before my maternity leave is officially over, too – I was hoping this would sort of jump start me into academia again, remembering all the interesting papers on blogging there last year (not that I heard them, I just remember seeing them on the program) but this year there’s barely anything on blogging, to my great disappointment. Hopefully I’ll still find some inspiration.

Jessica is still fabulous. She’s nearly eight months old and smiley and gorgeous. She must always have something in her hands to examine and is intensely curious about the world. I have to admit I have very mixed feelings about spending six or more hours away from her each day, but I know the time she’ll be spending with her father is precious and I absolutely love that the Norwegian system allows me two (paid!) hours off each day because I’m still breastfeeding. A six hour day won’t be too bad, really. And while I know I’ll miss Jessica horribly, six hours of time devoted to brain work – my goodness, every day, that’s insane luxury! No interruptions! Well, obviously, there will be, but of a very different nature.

So I imagine I’ll be back and blogging in January. Till then: happy holidays!!

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