People often ask how much time I spend on blogging. I’ve been using SlimTimer for the last couple of weeks, so for the first time I actually know. This week I’ve spent 3.9 hours reading blogs and 0.9 hours writing and editing my blog. Last week I spent 2.9 hours reading blogs and 1.8 hours tending to my own. That’s really not very much – I think it would probably do me good to spend more time on this.

3 thoughts on “time spent blogging

  1. Donovon

    Those are the numbers that I am sure my wife would like, instead, since I am not working and supposed to be working on my thesis, it is more like 4 hours of reading and one hour of writing a day. So much time, that I am even looking a little closer at these “paid” blog positions that are cropping up everywhere. And since my thesis is about web 2.0 applications in the composition class room, I would love to hear more from you : )

  2. Frances

    That surely isn’t much! I think my numbers are more in the vicinity of Donovan’s. But with the school year starting again at the end of the week, they will (and must!) go down.

    I can spend over an hour working on one single blog post, though. I envy the writers who can write so much in so little time. I’ll just blame English not being my mother tongue.

  3. Jill

    Yeah, it’s really not much – I’d like to spend a lot more!! And yes, when I actually write a blog post it can take a while – there are different kinds of posts though. This one was quick 🙂

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