Theresa Senft sat on the floor during the afternoon blog sessions at AoIR in September. The room was full, conversation was vibrant, and though she said several things, the comment I remember was a counter to someone wanting to use more critical theory to understand blogs: “I think it would be far more interesting to use blogs to interpret critical theory”, she said. Of course I had to speak to her after the session was over, and hearing about her dissertation on camgirls, I begged her for a copy. It arrived promptly, by email, and I read: intelligent, amusing and sexy writing about women showing their faces bodies online. I haven’t finished reading it, but I know that if I were in New York next Friday I’d go to her dissertation defence.

As it is, I think I’ll make a point of watching the webcast. Yes, of course a girl who’s written about camgirls will have a webcam at her defence!

Her LiveJournal has details.

2 thoughts on “theresa senft, phd

  1. Terri Senft

    How kind of you!! Thanks so much for your good thoughts, Jill, and boy am I sad not to be going to the upcoming conference in Norway. It looks like it’s going to be fantastic!

  2. Jill

    Ooh, it’d way cool to have you here! Nah, just enjoy the afterglow of having FINISHED YOUR PHD!


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