Flickr keeps exploring itself – see, for instance, Andrew Losowsky’s series of photos of doorbells in Florence, each of which is being posted with a short fiction. Andrew writes about it in his blog, of course, and calls the genre flicktion. There’s only one photo not by Andrew tagged as flicktion so far, but it’s a lovely little story, about how a saddlebag got into a second hand store.

I like the idea of using your camera to capture strange writing exercises. I like how playful Flickr makes people. (via Foe)

Via di Santo Spirito, 36
Originally uploaded by andrewlos.

2 thoughts on “flicktion

  1. Helge

    Why do you use tables for making images float to the right?

  2. Jill

    Because I don’t practice what I preach, and I got sick of figuring out what was wrong in the CSS that made it not work.


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