There’s a great review of the Electronic Literature Collection in today’s Svenska Dagbladet, which is (I think?) Sweden’s biggest newspaper. The review was written by Jesper Olsson, who’s doing his PhD on digital literature at the University of Stockholm (but who apparently doesn’t have a blog yet 😉

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  1. Maria

    Some more information about Jesper Olsson. He has already finished and successfully defended his PhD in Comparative Literature. It is not on digital literature; the title is “Alfabetets anv‰ndning: Konkret poesi och poetisk artefaktion i svenskt 1960-tal”
    Article about it (in Swedish) from Svd:

    But it is great that ELO and digital literature is getting some (mainstream) press in Sweden. I would be interested to know if the Collection site had a surge of Swedish visitors?

  2. Jill

    Oh, thanks, Maria, and that helps clear up my rather incomplete image of Jesper Olsson from Googling him.

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