A message on Fibreculture today asked for links to statistics about Internet usage and there are several useful-looking suggestions in the answers so far. NUA has what appear to be good statistics on how many people are online globally, though they’ve not been updated since last year.

Norwegian statistics are available from Norsk Gallup’s section on Internet stats (19% of Norwegian households have broadband net connections as of July this year, VG is the most popular Norwegian site (2 million unique hits in February) and while half of the total pool of Norwegian men use the net daily, only a third of all Norwegian women do the same. 68% of Norwegian women and 79% of Norwegian men have access to the net. Also, far more people have access from home than from work or school (Powerpoint report, May 2003) Statistics Norway reports that 23% of Norwegians read books every day, which is up four percent from five years ago. They also have a page collecting all their statistics on ICTs.

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