I’ve had Snap Preview on this blog for ten days now, which I reckon is enough for us to make up our minds about it. It’s cool in many ways – it’s certainly fun for a bit mousing over links and seeing the little images that pop up. It’s awesome that a poet like Mez instantly took it and built a poem with it. But many have found it annoying too.

The hour of truth approaches. And since I’ve found another cool blog-toy – Democracy: a WordPress Plugin that lets me do instant polls right in the middle of a post that update and show you the results at the very moment that you vote – a poll is in order.


9 thoughts on “shall it stay or shall it go?

  1. ][mez][

    u do realise now jill that i’m tempted to n.corp [ie steal] the instant poll format in2 my art.wurks;)


  2. jrxblue

    Snap Preview is cool!!

  3. chris

    I like it! It’s very helpful.

  4. Anonymous

    it seems to help me preview a link before i have to commit to click, and that helps

  5. Esther

    To be honest I think all websites will be using it as a default soon. although I don’t want to, think of the advertising potential of it (shudders a bit)

  6. letizia jaccheri

    good morning I was here again this morning. I am trying to sup up together with a friend, our experience with http://www.researcherblog.blogspot.com/
    we started in 2004 when we knew little about blogs. but we had a feeling that we had to use a blog to share what interests us each time. even if our career is based on papers we wrote 5 years ago and where published 2 years ago and we register on frida now.
    for an Italian-Norwegian like me your texts are complex, I struggle a bit, but I enjoy your blog. keep up good work. and visit me in Trondheim sometimes!

  7. Jill

    So there’s a clear majority in favour of keeping it – I’ll keep it. And you CAN turn it off – I had an email from one of the developers (and I can’t FIND the email now, how weird!!) saying if you click the little ? in the upper right corner it lets you set it up so that you never again see it – it uses cookies to do that I guess, but it’s nice the option’s there.

    Sorry I forgot your name and lost your email, kind developer :/

  8. Karin

    I received that mail too, as I’m sure everyone who’s signed up for it has. Anyway, it’s quite easy to customize this thing to suit your “needs”; turn off the searchbox, and to disable the whole thing when that seems like a good idea, and more. FAQ at their site gives you what you need. (Doesn’t it always?)

  9. Jill

    Oh good! I also see they’re implementing the thing on ALL wordpress.com blogs now!

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