So many new scholarly articles out there on blogging, narratives online and social media. In the next week or so I’m planning to read the following:

I’ll report back when I’ve read them! Oh, and please, if you have suggestions as to good stuff I should read, let me know!

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  1. Anne Helmond

    That looks a lot like my current reading list, lacking time to √ it all though. I just printed the two following papers that caught my interest:

    Renvois of the past, present and future: hyperlinks and the structuring of knowledge from the EncyclopÈdie to Web 2.0
    Michael Zimmer
    New Media Society 2009;11 95-113

    Website history and the website as an object of study
    Niels Br¸gger
    New Media Society 2009;11 115-132

  2. Bj¯rge Solli

    I think that Carl Christian Gr¯ndahl’s master thesis might catch you interest too: (in norwegian)


  3. Erin

    Great list of texts, Jill! Very relevant to my current PhD research – I might have to poach your list and add it to mine! My reading list for the next week involves a 6-inch high pile of articles that I’ve been avoiding for the past six months (in theory. In reality, it will remain unread!).

  4. Chuck

    I’m reading Alex’s book now. Between his book and yours, Polity has a nice little series going. Next up for me is probably Dalton Conley’s Everywhere USA, but I may indulge a long-term planned project and read Brian Vaughan’s Pride of Baghdad and Anthony Lappe’s Shooting War, two “docu-comics” about the Iraq War.

  5. Albertine

    Takk for tips!

  6. Jill Walker Rettberg

    It’s rather nice seeing other peoples’ reading lists too! I’m going to check these out. And I’ve ordered a big pile of books too, so the list will grow…

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