After one café turned out to only have a kroner a minute minimum 30 mins wireless (Eirik, the waiter didn’t know anything about the wireless so may have misinformed me), and the next, while billed an “internett café” on its door, wouldn’t give patrons access to the wireless (staff only!) and had dingy PCs in a basement, I was reduced to trailing the streets, laptop open, scouring the air for a signal. There are lots around here but almost all are closed. Telenor had a for pay signal outside of a hotel, and kindly gave me a three minute trial, which was enough to download iStumbler, which made the scouring easier.

After a lot of closed networks, I came upon a happily open one: “Rubber nett”, and merrily joined it. Lifting my eyes from the screen I looked up to see a café! Yay!

They’re groovy, have good music, friendly staff, lovely food and have a great wireless signal. No obvious power outlets, but really, I’m happy.

They’re situated just a block back off Karl Johan, sort of behind the Aula and Nordli and stuff only a little bit towards the station.

2 thoughts on “Rubber Chicken in Oslo

  1. Gro

    On the evening-news today, they walked around Aker Brygge with a
    laptop switched on, and detected more than 30 open networks in
    that area. So go to aker brygge if you need networkconnection.
    I’m in oslo friday, are you still there then?

  2. Jill

    Really? I should have gone there… Ah well.

    I’m leaving tomorrow (Thursday) so I’ll miss you, Gro 🙁

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