Scott moved his blog to WordPress and a new domain! I helped tag old posts, which turned out to be rather interesting. Old posts are often rather good, and one of the disadvantages of blogs is that they so rapidly become almost invisible. Categories are one way of helping them become seen again, though my categories, for instance, are a hopeless mess and far too big to be of much use anyway. Creating categories after the fact, as we did for Scott’s blog (Manila doesn’t have categories) is an interesting exercise and really lets you see what kind of things that particular blog tends to be about. Me, I have so many old posts I’m afraid they’ll just have to live in miserable squalor for now. At least they’re googleable. Sort of.

Anyway, go check out Scott’s blog!

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  1. Kaleem

    Hi Jill,

    You forgot the http:// part of the URL for the new domain. The link resolves locally to, which results in a 404 Not Found error.

    This should work:


  2. Jill

    Thanks! I fixed it 🙂

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