Ha! Liz mentioned weeks ago that there’s open wireless under the Virgin Lounge (though not from the Virgin Lounge, that signal’s restricted – Varig and elal are open though a little weak) at JFK, and since there’s nothing as cool as being freely online while travelling, I made a beeline here to check my mail and blog and the rest of it. Hours until the flight leaves. My KLM frequent flier card gets me into the Aer Lingus lounge, but they only have wired desktops, no wireless. Peculiar, isn’t it? There are three or four other people here with laptops, no doubt drawn to the connections.

I want one of those scarves Mary said she was working on – one that would start wiggling when it sensed an open wireless network.

Ten years from now I’ll read this and blush at the thought of there being places that weren’t connected. Imagine blogging simply because one can! Such sweet naÔvetÈ!

I have no new email of interest. A few friends are on AIM but they’re away. But it’s a way of feeling some kind of presence. I’m at home. A little.

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