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  1. writingwomen

    On blogging
    For anyone interested in pursuing blogging, here is an entry from Klastrup’s Cataclysms with links to various articles about blogging. Thanks to jill/txt for the link….

  2. incorporated subversion

    Academic Papers on Blogs
    Good link to some ‘academic’ papers on blogging.

  3. Holly's Research Journal

    Academic Papers on Blogs
    Good link to some ‘academic’ papers on blogging.

  4. the chutry experiment

    Academic Articles on Blogging
    I’m too lazy and sleepy to write anything witty, but Jill has linked to Lisbeth’s collection of links to academic articles on blogging. How cool is that?…

  5. thomas n. burg | randg

    Wissenschaftliche Artikel zu Weblogs
    Nichts wirklich neues dabei – der deutschsprachige Bereich ist vergessen worden – aber jedenfalls zur Ablage.

  6. Maris blogg

    Via jill fant jeg en blogpost med vanvittig mye bra linker til litteratur og “Academic Papers on blogs”! Jippi jippi..

  7. Weez Blog

    I need this
    Courtesy of Jill, a link to Lisbeth’s academic papers on blogs. external memory. cached….

  8. Holly's Research Journal

    Academic papers on blogs
    I’m always interested in finding other scholars studying blogs.

  9. Doctor Daisy

    New Blogs on the Block

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