I’m at Grafill’s Edit 8.0 conference, RELEVANS, which is being held at the lovely Dr. Holms hotel at Geilo this year. Geilo is halfway between Bergen and Oslo, high in the mountains, and the train trip here set the atmosphere with its ice-laced scenary.

RELEVANS is a graphic designers’ conference, but Tom Hals¯r asked me if I’d like to come and speak about my blog – because they wanted something from outside of the design world. They were interested in branding, self-portrayal, blogging, the web.

Next conference I organise I want to hire an improv actor as the announcer (konferansier) – BÂrd BrÊnde has been doing the honours here, and is doing a fabulous job. He insisted that the audience should think of my presentation as a blog itself, and should send in comments by SMS to his mobile phone – what a brilliant idea!

Here are the slides for my talk.

5 thoughts on “RELEVANS conference at Geilo

  1. Helge Tenn¯

    From your subtitle: “(why blogging is better than advertising)”

    I know my fare share about both and I would certainly say that the enormous complexity and versatility of advertising does not correctly compare with the complexity of blogging.

    And why does it have to be “either, or”? Why can’t it be both? We see that it’s not one channel alone that includes, touches or transfers it’s values, stories and products/services to customers, but rather the combination of channels based on the channels individual features and abilities.

    I would rather say “HOW blogging can be a beautiful supplement to your marketing mix”.


  2. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Oh, I have no problem agreeing wtih that, Helge. I regretted the title after it was printed in the program – but it doesn’t matter too much. There are definitely cases where blogging is better than advertising.

  3. Letizia Jaccheri

    this presentation is good. I will give a presentation about my blog at an NTNU forun next week. I will cite this. 🙂 Letizia Jaccheri

  4. Tom J Hals¯r

    Hi Jill!
    It was an honor to have you with us. You really set off some new ideas into our heads.
    Theres a small video teaser from the seminar put up on our site, or should I rather say blog 🙂

    Thanx again Jill for an interesting talk.


  5. […] I’m giving a talk for First Tuesday here in Bergen this Tuesday evening, on social networks. They got an interesting line up – Rune R¯sten, who runs one of Norway’s large social networks, Nettby, is speaking, and so is Kjetil Manheim, from Tarantell. I heard Kjetil speak on Web 2.0 at the graphic designers’ conference, RELEVANS, and he was excellent; very informative and inspiring at the same time. My job is to be the academic giving perspective and cultural implications and so on, which should be fun, especially in a brief and efficient twenty minutes each. […]

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