I’m teaching a 5 credit (ECTS) course on Communicating with Social Media this autumn (in Norwegian!). I’m really excited about the course. It’s a short, intensive course – three full days followed by independent work, so should be ideal for people who are busy doing other things most of the time. And it will be very practical. Students will be graded on a portfolio to consist of:

  • A profile on a social website (e.g. Facebook or elsewhere) for an organisation or company. The organisation can be fictional and the profile set up simply for practice, or students may choose to create a profile for an organisation or company they’re affiliated with.
  • A blog with posts discussing topics dealt with in the course. The blog must have at least ten posts. Students will select three posts for assessment, with a minimum of 1200 words in total. One of these posts must discuss choices made in creating the organisation or company profile in the first part of the portfolio, and must also outline a plan for how the organisation’s social media strategy should be developed.

Here’s the complete info on DIKULT110: Kommunikasjon i sosiale medium (in Norwegian).

I’m excited both because I love the topic and because I think these assignments will be useful and interesting – and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do with this. (I just realised we’ll have to have some ethical rules – probably no setting up fake sites for Statoil, for instance. Hm. What else could go wrong?)

The planning of dates has begun. What do you think would be the ideal time for a short, intensive course like this? Early in the semester – say the last week of August? Or later in the semester?

Any other comments or ideas? Would you be interested in taking a course like this?

10 thoughts on “planning a new course: communication in social media

  1. Mathias Klang

    RT @jilltxt: Teaching an intensive, three day course this autumn: Kommunikasjon i sosiale medium. Interested? http://jilltxt.net/?p=2465

  2. cecilie

    Early so i can follow it!

  3. Mathias Klang

    I would love to attend and I could do the Norwegian (if you are not to picky about my spelling) but its the Bergen thing that’s difficult 🙂

  4. Karianne A. Aam

    RT @jilltxt: Teaching an intensive, three day course this autumn: Kommunikasjon i sosiale medium. Interested? http://jilltxt.net/?p=2465

  5. Forrest theMediaDude

    jill/txt » planning a new course: communication in social media http://bit.ly/aDTLAt

  6. Bankruptcy Attorney

    jill/txt » planning a new course: communication in social media http://bit.ly/9ZYF3w

  7. Louise

    I’d love it, and I wish I was a student…

  8. Stig Morten

    What’s your comment on this? Is BI the first?

  9. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Oh, interesting, Stig Morten, thanks for the tip off! There are other courses on social media, but we’re all among the first.

    Cecilie, the course will probably start in week 35 – we’ll meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday that week and then there’ll be independent work for three weeks, with meetings at the end of that and the portfolio due the following week.

  10. KDS

    It looks like social networks might be mined in various ways in the near future, see this conference.

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