On Friday we had a snack at Pingvinen, completely unprepared for the delight that awaited us. Until then, I had had no idea that traditional Norwegian fenalÂr (served with flatbr¯d, potato salad and a sprig of thyme) was the perfect bar food and extremely tasty and sophisticated – as well as very reasonably priced. Turns out that Pingvinen is famous for its modern take on Norwegian cuisine. I mean, really, Time discovered it before I did and I live here! Now I’ll have to go on a Thursday and try their raspeballer, which come highly recommended by Toril.

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  1. Toril

    Fabulous, Jill!! So glad you found it, and appreciated the Norwegian cuisine 🙂 You may also have
    noticed that the staff is very friendly, which makes dining there all the more pleasant 🙂

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