Hey, they’ve just advertised 15 PhD stipends at our faculty. These stipends pay about the same as a nurse would earn, I think, for three or four years. You have to have an MA to be eligible. If you’re interested in doing a PhD in Bergen in an area close to my research areas (electronic literature, networked art, computer games, MMOGs, weblogs, electronic textuality, more or less) do get in touch. The deal would be that you’d have to write a five page application, send it in by the deadline, then each department will read and prioritise the applications that fall within their area of expertise, and finally a committee for the whole historical-philosophical (i.e. arts and humanities) faculty will select the 15 candidates who’ll be accepted. There’s no guarantee our department will get a PhD-stipendiat, that’s entirely dependent on having good applications.

So if you think you might have one, get in touch!

5 thoughts on “phd fellowships at our faculty

  1. Clare

    Sounds fun! Perhaps if I spoke Norwegian… 🙂

  2. Jill

    Well, I think international applications would be accepted, in principle…

  3. Clare


  4. Karen Garcia

    Could you explain the options available for international applications? The issue of language is real for those of us without your language. Is English or Spanish enough to be able to function in the program?


  5. Jill

    You could definitely get by in English. There is little compulsory coursework in a Norwegian PhD program and enough of it is offfered in English that you could manage. The dissertation can of course be written in English. Of course with three years in Norway you’d probably learn Norwegian well, too.

    Anyone who’s genuinely interested in applying, has an MA in a relevant discipline and an idea for a PhD dissertation clear enough that he or she could write a five page project description by January 15 should get in touch with me, and I’ll help them navigate the application process.

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