Procedural rhetoric: advancing or understanding arguments made through code rather than through words.
Exergaming is gaming that requires physical exercise, e.g. Dance Dance Revolution etc.

Sedentary video games are a new idea – arcade games, pin ball etc are physical and involve or require movement.

– Running – the logic of running. Track and field (Konami, 1082) (same game as on my dance pad) involves rapidly pressing two buttons. Rapid button pressing = operationalises sprinting. Does sort of exhaust you.
– operationalise rapid response (Whack-a-mole is the prototype)
– remediating the workout video (assessment, encouragement, reproach) Players have to already be motivated for an exercise regimen.
– orient the player towards the next move (which is important in fitness, but also other places) – each gesture has meaning outside the context of fitness.

Dance Dance Revolution is actually a personal trainer with motivation – the game play is about dancing, but the way it works is full of motivation to move more. Incremental motivational feedback.

– a bunch of problems with living rooms – they’re built for idleness, not activity.
– maybe trying to play exergames like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) will help us notice how our houses are set up for idleness

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