Some people are really into this Orkut thing. They create zillions of communities, stage fights, complain about the administration (in-Orkut discussion here) and blog their deletion from the system. They even propose an Orkut game, which could, in fact, be kind of interesting: “It involves creativity, risk, stealth and an active account. You will be playing in secret and, if you play it right, nobody else on will detect that you’re even playing.” Are you going to sign up for the beta testing?

3 thoughts on “orkut: the game

  1. huyzing

    Not “zillions”, more like “gazillions”.

    I’m playing the game ;-P

  2. Elin

    …have you noticed how all the Finish declare their marital status as “Open”..?

  3. tukro

    at last the truth
    It all makes sense now… or does it?…

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