Isn’t that cool! I made it at Feedburner, where I’ve also constructed a new feed combining stuff from here, from Flickr and from my Del.icio.us links.

Now I just have to figure out where to put my little automated ticker thing. Feedburner suggests you could use it as an email signature – but I hate email that’s not plain text so I won’t be doing that. (Though it’s kind of tempting in a freakish way) So for now I’ve just put it on my Flickr profile. I subscribed to a feed from all my friends’ photos at Flickr, too, which is brilliant! That hadn’t occurred to me before, but it’s so cool! I’m finally totally digging RSS.

2 thoughts on “Ooh! Look!

  1. bicyclemark

    Yeah… I liked the ticker too… but it’s quite difficult to find a use for it. I won’t put it on emails… so what to do with it? PRofiles? hmmm.

  2. Thomas Petersen

    I love it. Instead of using some static graphic when pointing to a site from some other place, this can actually give a dynamic view of the newest content on the site, allowing the user to assess the info before clicking. Nice! I made one too: http://www.kopenhagen.dk/netkunst/articles/feed.htm

    Is there any way of making it display more characters in the titles?


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