An SMS poetry magazine: OneSixty. That’s how many characters each poem can contain. They’d like new submissions for their second issue; the first has a few charming poems, though perhaps nothing stunning. I had expected poems about SMSing or about the situation, words on phones. There is only one:

The way I hear my ringtone
I know it will be u on the phone.

I prefer Alison Dunne’s:

That was intimate
the way you
took my glass
and drank
with lips
(you’ve made it clear)
that have no interest
in tasting me.

I imagine sending such an SMS. The thought conjures up many possible stories. I like that. (via Kari)

3 thoughts on “onesixty

  1. Norman

    Thank God John Donne et al lived in a different age? [I’m trying desperately to not say anything unkind]

  2. Jill

    Oh, I know, they’re not very good. Yet. But there’ll be good ones, don’t you think?

  3. Norman

    Since I’m merely an optimist, Jill, not a super-optimist, I’m afraid my money would have to go on “No”. p.s. ever thought of encouraging your students wanting to improve their literacy skills, to obtain a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms? Preferably one which includes a summary of the appropriate prepositions as well.
    It could help them develop a good grasp of the words’ slightly different connotations, and the ability [rapidly disappearing, even among ABC journalists] to choose the appropriate preposition.
    The only downside is, as a bright teenager once pointed out to me, you then run the risk of being marked wrong by those who don’t know what’s correct.
    It’s only my optimism that keeps me going.

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