I’m off to Digital Arts and Culture 2005 today! I’m presenting my paper about our fascination with representing ourselves online, both in photographic self-portraits and, say, in blogs. We’ve been asked not to publish our papers online until after the conference, so I’ll hold off on that until I get home.

There are lots of interesting papers, and if I can get online I’m likely to post from there. Actually, maybe I’ll contribute to the conference Wiki instead.

4 thoughts on “off to digital arts and culture

  1. JosÈ Angel

    I’m looking forward to your paper Jill. Uploading it before the conference might raise the level of discussion, perhaps, but there’s also the danger that some member of the audience may begin to read out the paper aloud simultaneously with the speaker…

  2. Linn

    Oh please do post!! I should be there and I’m desperate to learn what’s going to go down!! Oh how I wish I could be there!!! Good luck and please, pretty please inform of us with your brilliant insight of what is going on!!

  3. Jill

    Oh, the full papers have been handed out to all the participants in a very nice paper conference proceedings, so the read-aloud possibility is entirely, well, possible. Except the paper’s far too long to be read 🙂

  4. JosÈ Angel

    I enjoyed reading your paper, Jill; the focus on both textual and visual self-images is thought-provoking, I bet you’re going to pursue this line of work. I also enjoyed Viviane Serfaty’s book on blogs, in fact I wrote a review here:
    By the way, here’s a self-portrait of mine, one you won’t find in The Mirror Project!
    Thanks for sharing your paper, Jill, and congratulations.

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