OK, I’m up. Before me is a paper on global editability – letting everyone edit pages on the web. After me is a paper on semantic structures in hypertexts. And me, I’m going to talk about feral hypertext. Wild, unruly hypertext that we should forget about trying to control with semantic ontologies and order.

[Ooh! Monika Heinzinger walked in!! Groovy!]

2 thoughts on “my panel’s up now

  1. Eiriks forfatterblogg

    Forvillet hypertekst

    Kan sterkt anbefale Jills paper med tittelen Feral Hypertext (PDF). Her tar hun den ofte brukte analogien med verdensveven som…

  2. TNN - Tags/Networks/Narrative

    Vocabulary Soup…

    An interesting issue has emerged from a fascinating JISC Techwatch report into web2.0. The issue concerns the author’s attempt to differentiate a “folksonomy” from a “collabulary”. Poul Anderson writes “…there is a distinction between a folkson…

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