J. Nathan Matias is talking now, and he’s brought a physical hypertext sculpture! Being a savvy blogger, he’s blogged his talk already. The sculpture, The Philadelphia Fullerine, is a geodesic sphere, which is kind of like a huge AD&D dice with sixty or so sides. Each triangular side has a photo or a short quote and an audio narrative sequence to go with it. You read one side at a time, and continue to one of the three adjacent triangles to continue reading. It’s a spatial hypertext, that is, the nodes are connected by proximity rather than by links. Matias also talks about how he’s used hypertext tools in developing the sculpture.

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The Machine Vision in Everyday Life project invites proposals for an interdisciplinary workshop using qualitative approaches and digital methods to analyse how machine vision is represented in art, science fiction, games, social media and other forms of cultural and aesthetic expression.