This cheap motivational trick for writers sounds just like the sort of thing that’d work for me. Would work well for PhD writers too. Which reminds me, it’s about time I put my PhD thesis online. But, see, something’s weird with the Word file, so when I PDF it it becomes three separate PDFs, which the printer could handle, but which I keep meaning to splice or otherwise fix before putting it online. Only I never get around to it cos I don’t have Acrobat Distiller. Tut tut.

3 thoughts on “motivate yourself!

  1. Clancy

    Hey, Jill, have you tried OpenOffice? I heard there are a few kinks when you run it on a Mac, but maybe it’s worth a try…it has a PDF button; click it and it saves a copy of your file in PDF.

  2. Jill

    I haven’t yet, no – I’ve been using the built-in OSX thing where you can print from anything and send it to a PDF file intstead of a printer. I’ll just, uh, do it later, I think… Thanks for the tip, though!

  3. Trond

    The Word doc is probably divided into three sections. Have you tried saving the whole shebang as web pages (there’s an option for this in Word)? It might be that it turns out to be some *very* long web pages, but still, it might be worth checking out.

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