My talk for curators at the national museum tomorrow will be based on my introduction to net art in Kunstkritikk (in Norwegian), with some extra links and tidbits too. Other links:



  • A Documented Life (who’s an hartist?)
  • 50 people see their own shadow
  • Scan your skin
  • Mirror Project
  • art vs jokes vs marketing?

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    1. Linn

      I honestly do feel ridiculous on this subject (ignorance), but just in case you didn’t know about it: (and yes…I am a technological dyslexic and haven’t figured out how to post links neatly in comments, sorry about that). But just wanted to let you know about this site, I’ve been a fan for years and I haven’t seen you mention it, so in the spirit of ‘net art’ just wanted to give them a little ‘shout’. Their work is excellent and definately a great source for things like Lawrence Lessig a.s.o. They document what is going on in the ‘net art’ world so well, bring out good debate on intellectual property rights and well…net art! I love this site, so just thought I’d mention it! They have a great sense of humour that I love!

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