5 thoughts on “in brief

  1. Cam

    I wouldn’t call the teaching disasterous 🙂 We just had a nice, slow start of the week -and i got to play Tomb Raider 😀

  2. Marcelo

    So, did you visit my blog? You can comment if you want to… (In English, of course, since I presume you don’t speak Portuguese, specially Brazillian one…)

  3. Jill

    It was wonderful watching you girls play Tombraider, with those roars of laughter and total immersion – that almost made up for the lack of stuff that worked otherwise. And the gentle start to the week aspect’s good – wow, I love that my students actually comment here, it’s great! (especially since you’re all so kind)

    Marcelo, I tried the URL (http://www.barbaricvs.blogger.com.br/index.html) but got a 404. And since I can’t read Portuguese I’m not really sure why you want me to visit?

  4. Marcelo

    Yeah, I changed to http://www.operaetdies.blogger.com.br, sorry, and I’m about to do a English version. I will tell you then…

  5. Silje

    Not disasterous, experimental! 🙂 If one thing does not work, lets try another, we’ll all get something done, one way or another…..
    Spent three hours playing yesterday aswell.

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