Reading Charlotte H‰gstrˆm’s chapter for our World of Warcraft anthology, I found this quote:

A person’s identity is not to be found in behavious. Nor – important though this is – in the reactions of othersm but in the capacity to keep a particular narrative going. (Giddens 1991:54; emphasis his)

And I’m sure that has something to do with blogs. Charlotte’s chapter, btw, is wonderful, all about names in WoW, and excellently written.

3 thoughts on “identity as narrative

  1. Ali

    This is picked up on in literature on the construction of identity in Stalin’s Russia. There is a vast literature about self-presentation in different forms. One of these is diary writing, which would seem very much to relate to blogs.

  2. marianne

    can u tell me more about that wow anthology?

  3. Jill

    Here’s the table of contents – and it’ll be out in Spring 2007, most likely, the Press say 🙂

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