Rune R¯sten’s written rather a nice little comparison of journalistic treatment of Bill Gate’s speech vs. blogged reports of it (May 5, no permalink, in Norwegian). The journalists he cites didn’t check the original speech but reproduced misinterpretations of it from other media. The bloggers R¯sten cites linked directly to the speech. And they’re unpretentious 😉 Rune R¯sten obviously gets blogs. I wonder whether he had to fight to get blogs into Dagbladet?

2 thoughts on “he gets blogs

  1. torill

    Actually, if you use the “comments” option on Dagbladets weblogg that lets you link directly to the entry, as if it was a permalink.

  2. Jill

    But I got an error message when I clicked the comments link. I suppose I could always try again…

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