Not only Lauritz Meltzer’s birthday, it’s also womens’ day! The UN Secretary-General notes women are better represented in governments than ever before: “There are now 11 women Heads of State or Government, in countries on every continent. And three countries ñ Chile, Spain and Sweden ñ now have gender parity in Government.” Only 240 countries left! (That point was shamelessly stolen from Martin who has many other great womens day links).

2 thoughts on “happy women’s day!

  1. Martin

    Steal away! Happy women’s day!

  2. MarkH

    A bite late on this one I know, but i’ve been in China. During women’s day, in China, women were given half price entrance to all of the tourist attractions etc. Our guide said that it was always men’s day so, they were normal price, as per usual.

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