halvstang.JPGFlags are all at half mast today. I think it’s for the Swedish foreign minister, who died this morning. She was stabbed in a department store yesterday, and the assassin has not been found. The flags could have been for the victims in the World Trade Center two years ago, or for the US-backed coup on the democratically elected socialist government of Chile in 1972. As Eirik writes, this date is getting bloodier and bloodier.

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  1. jon

    We had a 9/11 candle lit in the English Dpt today here in Stockholm. By lunchtime it was a 9/11 – Anna Lindh candle. Everyone is completely stunned by what’s happened.
    In class my students were rather subdued and it felt rather strange to be teaching a class on “Tragedy” & Shakespearian drama given what was on everyone’s mind.

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