Hey, I’m on the jury of Gullbloggen, Dagbladet’s blog competition. You can nominate Norwegian blogs (written in Norwegian or English) until November 2, and then the jury – Bente Kalsnes, Olav Anders and me, will select three in each category, leaving the final selection to the readers’ vote. The list of nominated blogs so far is an interesting list of Norwegian blogs – there sure are a lot of them these days…

3 thoughts on “gullbloggen

  1. J.V.

    How do you evaluate the different ones? What’s important? (layout, updating rate, quality of the material and so on)

  2. Jill

    We have a list, yes, which we’re adjusting as we go through the blogs. Quality of writing, consistent style, gooddesign, originality, , community (e.g. links to other blogs, has active discussions), good work with sources (links to background or supporting material), humour, etc.

    There are over 200 blogs on the list, and lots of them are very different from each other – it’s hard to or imposible to name absolute criteria for “a good blog”. And there are obviously a lot more good blogs than the three in each category we’ll be nominating.

  3. orson

    Hi! I just want to say that I’ve put a link to your page on my blog. I hope that it doesn’t bother you.

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