Jim McClellen’s written an excellent article about blogfiction for the Guardian Unlimited, with remarks from me (must be a good article, eh?) and Rob Wittig and Paul Ford and some other interesting blog fictions and stories. The interviews were done by email and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a well-researched list of questions in my life. Paul Ford has immortalised the questions he was sent and his answers to them by posting the full text to his blog.

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  1. grandtextauto.org

    Walker & Wittig on Blog Fiction
    Via jill/txt, a new Guardian article about the concept and writing of blog fiction. Hmm, after reading the article, it turns out I was fooled on April 1st after all……

  2. IrishEyes

    Episodic writing
    BBC — Jim McClellan is researching the online narrative as part of his three-month post as interactive writer-in-residence at the BBC. Along the way, he has equated blog writing to episodic writing. This is our tactic in the Writing Skills

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