To do today: Send your future self an email. Yes, you could simply tell your computer to do it, but what if you change email clients or computers or your mind? Let take care of it instead! Look, it’s easy, you start off like this: “Dear Future Me,”

I found in Ratchet Up, a blog promising almost daily links to interesting things in digital arts and culture, and which also suggests what you might like to write to your future self. I found Ratchet Up through Alan, who I found because he linked to me.

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  1. Alan

    “it’s a small ‘net after all…”

    Thanks for the link, I have been a regular visitor for the last few months.

  2. John Schott

    Thanks for the interest. Have been a fan of yours. Please consider a post to the Ratchet. Here’s how I’m planning to lure you:

  3. the chutry experiment

    It Happened Tomorrow: Posting to the Future
    It’s not quite time travel, but it still plays with time and memory in an interesting way. Via Jill: A fascinating website called that allows you to send an email to yourself at some point in the future. Jill…

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