One of my students in DIKULT110: Kommunikasjon i sosiale medier is taking the course as part of her BA in French, and so needs to find French language sources and to write in French herself. Kristine Lowe (@kristinelowe) connected me to the wonderful HÈloÔse BriËre (@LOeez), who gave me lots of good starters for anyone looking for the French hubs of social media. I thought I’d share them here – I’m sure I’m not the only Anglo who’s interested!

And I must say, HÈloÔse herself writes interesting tweets. I also heard from @NicolasLoubet who tweets about social media in French and English.

8 thoughts on “french discussions about social media

  1. Esmail Yazdanpour

    Reading: french discussions about social media: One of my students in DIKULT110: Kommunikasjon i sosiale medier is…

  2. Héloïse Brière

    RT @jilltxt: Thanks to @LOeez for great pointers to French-language sites about social media – I summarised them in my blog

  3. Rhodri ap Dyfrig

    RT @jilltxt Thanks to @LOeez for great pointers to French-language sites about soc. media – summarised on my blog

  4. David Brake

    What about ? He’s in San Francisco now but he’s French…

  5. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Good point, David! Though he mostly writes in English now, doesn’t he? This student has to actually find French-language material.

  6. Gro

    Merci, Jill, her er bloggen p fransk-norsk som jeg leser:

  7. Mark Bernstein

    Don’t forget the wonderful group at Paris 8 — Clement, Balpe, Saleh, and others! Nanard & Nanard at Montpelier as well,

  8. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Thanks for the reminder, Mark – but they’re more hypertext and e-lit than social media, aren’t they?

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