copenhagen-bridge.jpg We went to Copenhagen and walked north for hours until a boat marked like a bus met us as though on purpose and took us south then north again whereupon we walked south once more past palaces, galleries, design, office workers hurrying home, burnt almonds and beer, neon lights, trains, hotels and sex shops till we paused for dinner. This morning, propelled by the energy of a goodbye kiss and an excellent week, I sat crosslegged at the airport and read and wrote. Yes.

4 thoughts on “energy

  1. Marie

    du,kan du tipse dine nye elever om  g til bloggen min?jeg selger nemlig bˆker til huminf.fag:)

  2. jcwinnie

    Too short! It needs to be expanded some to develop better the montage effect. — a fan

  3. vika

    How wonderful! Glad for you both. 🙂

  4. Jill

    That’s kind of cool, getting writing feedback like that – I wonder what would happen to it if it were expanded? I think I’d rather compress it more, if I could, make it like a tiny thing that represented a whole day, you know? Not now though.

    And thanks, Vika! 🙂

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