Yikes! I just got over 1200 comments all pointing to various subdomains of e–pics.com. Even with mt-blacklist it takes a while to delete them. Without it I would have been stuffed. The master blacklist doesn’t include this URL – add it if you’ve got mt-blacklist! My blacklist, btw, is public.

15 thoughts on “damn spam

  1. mari

    Det samme skjedde med meg idag, men jeg har ikke noe black-mail-list! Hvordan fikser jeg meg det? Begynner  bli litt fortvilet.

  2. Francois Lachance

    Liz Lawley also reports a spate of spam in comments:

    Could it be that those lists help ranking? I.e. the spammers are really trying to get on a banned list that is shared amongst bloggers in order to boost their ranking with the search engines of the sites they advertise?

  3. HÂkon Styri

    Getting on a banned list whith domain and machine names rather than hyperlinks shouldn’t boost their ranking.

    The spam, however, may give them some boost, More important, it gives them some accidental clicks. (Some types of sites seems to want ranking, other seems to be happy with accidental clicks.)

    Fortunately there are are some efficient anti-spamming tools that can be used for blogs. I’ll send some ideas to the appropriate people.

  4. lisa

    I have this weird image of a popstar singing, “It’s raining Spam!” (to the tune of “It’s raining men…”)

    Seems like spam-storms are everywhere.

  5. Rory

    Jill – the new MT 2.66 upgrade (just announced) should prevent this from happening again: “We’ve included a throttling measure so that comments from the same IP address can only be posted every N seconds, where N is configurable. We’ve also added a measure to automatically ban an IP address based on an abnormal number of comments from the same address in a short period of time.”

  6. fivecats

    On the other hand, you might be amused by some of the e-pics posted at my slowly-being-resurrected blog. 🙂

    (spam be damned!)

  7. Marie

    Hvordan funker denne black-listen?Jeg ser jeg m downloade den,men hvor skal jeg lagre den n som jeg sitter p hjemmepc?

  8. Jill

    Marie, du henter den ned fra http://www.jayallen.org/comment_spam/ og pakker den ut. S m du ha et SFTP-program. Dvs Secure FTP – f¯r kunne du bruke vanlig FTP men n er det kun Secure. Her er link til et slikt program (eller rettere sagt en klient)

    Les bruksanvisningen til MT-blacklist og bruk SFTP for  laste opp filer – det ligner litt p den gang vi installerte bloggene vÂre men er mye enklere 🙂

  9. trond

    Simon Willison’s got some interesting articles on comment-spam (and “comment-spam-fighting”). The idea is to make it useless for spammers to spam blogs (and the like).



    I was also hit by spammers – maybe the same one as made troubles for Jill – cause they left…

  11. jotting

    Jill is having problems with spammers – in the thousands! I have a more modest problem – deleted 10 today and 2 yesterday. Have now banned the IP number. Quite time consuming – luckily they had the same IP number

  12. Maris blogg

    Har ikke fÂtt mer en et par commentspam frem til idag som DET VAR VANNVITTIG MYE… Helvete.. trodde jeg hadde

  13. digme: blogg

    Enkelt tiltak mot kommentarspam
    Ok, det er ikke enkelt dersom du ikke kan programmere. Det er heller ikke effektivt mot all kommentarspam. Problemet jeg retter meg mot er automatisk posting av kommentarer, dvs spambots.

  14. Weez Blog

    better safe
    Jill and Liz have been deluged with comment spam in the last week. Me? About 10. So taking the hint have been updating my MT blacklist. Mine is available here, and includes George, Liz and Jill’s. This is the way…

  15. Belzebob's blog

    Blacklisted spammers
    There’s a war going on. Spamming of blogposts has become very popular the last months and bloggers try their best…

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